Halloween 10k Race


In order to help stay motivated, my husband and I like to give ourselves at least 1-2 fitness challenges for the year that require focused training. This time last year was our first triathlon and this year’s challenges have been Urban Mudder and now running our first 10k.

Prior to this race I had not run over 4 miles straight, so I was shaking in my boots and terrified at running 6.8 miles! While we’ve done Tough Mudders in the past which are HARD, we never had to run straight for that long of a distance, so I was incredibly nervous to take on this challenge. Luckily, I was able to hunt down this awesome eight-week training plan that made me feel so ready to take on the run!

10k Training PlanThis plan really helped gradually build up our strength and endurance without completely breaking us down from the start since we weren’t avid runners.

One tip that really helped me through my training process was doing at least a five minute stretch before AND after my runs. It makes a tremendous difference in how you feel after the run.


In addition to completing the runs, the hubby and I would do light strength training on our days off to build up our lower back and leg muscles. A quick 10 – 15 minutes can really make a difference.

When race day came along, we were so ready! We put on our best sporty Halloween gear and took on the course. We finished 6.8 miles in just over an hour; I was so proud of us! Now it’s time to figure out what our next challenge will be!





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