About Dayna


Welcome to the weekend cheat! My name is Dayna and this is the journey of my love for food and fitness. I’ve always loved food but often felt guilty for not always abiding by strict diet rules…no carbs, no sugar, no yumminess! So, I have come to realization that I will embrace not being a size zero, not giving up donuts BUT still being committed to living a healthy lifestyle Monday through Friday and allowing myself to enjoy “the good stuff” on the weekends.

So, what do I mean by a healthy lifestyle? Well, it’s a combination of being active and making healthy choices when it comes to food. And, who says that yummy can’t also equal healthy! The only rule that I give myself is to commit to eating, lots of veggies, proteins, and fruits Monday through Friday and to work out five days a week. Those workouts can include running, swimming, yoga, or even a twerk class 😉 anything that keeps me active. One thing I try to focus on is, yes, it’s nice to have a partner to work out with but I’m doing this for me. So, there’s no reason to rely on someone else for your active lifestyle. I get up and go because I want to, if someone comes along, great!

Aahhhh and the cheat…boy oh boy do I love the cheat days. Whether that means a Philly cheesesteak with ooey gooey provolone cheese and caramelized onions or homemade strawberry cake with chunks of strawberries in cream cheese frosting, everyone deserves a cheat.

It’s all about balance and I hope you enjoy my journey!