Time to Get Muddy


Fitness challenge time! Every year my husband and I challenge ourselves, outside of the typical workout, with something extreme. Tough Mudder is one of our favorite challenges and it seems to get harder and harder each year. Our dear friend, and fellow fitness lover, Brian also joins us in the mud fest. It’s hard and dirty but SO fun! We have officially signed up for the race held in VA this year and I’m so pumped!

Tough Mudder is an event that’s held all over the world and supports The Wounded Warrior Project. Most races are about 10-12 miles long and includes about 25 obstacles. The obstacles can range from crawling over mud hills, running through electrical wires, or jumping into a freezing pool of water. You know, when I type it out, it doesn’t sound fun at all, but I promise it is! I’ve never felt such an amazing sense of team work and support from absolute strangers or felt so inspired to complete a race. You have the privilege of potentially running next to ex-soldiers who have lost limbs or complete the race in a wheel chair.

We typically intensely train at least 8 weeks prior to the race. In our experience, endurance training and including running within your daily regimen is most important. Some people get too worried about the strength portion and tire themselves out in the running. There’s about 8-9 miles to run in between the obstacles. Here’s a link to a great guide for training. I’ll also share my workouts as we get closer to race day.

Here are a few pictures of my hubby, Brian and me pre and post race. I hope this inspires you to join one of the many Tough Mudder races around the world. Get in shape, have fun and go get muddy!

Pre mud…

Pre-mud Mudders

Post mud…oh yea…I was a total bad ass!



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